Grupo de Procesado por Láser del Instituto de Óptica “Daza de Valdés”


Projects funded by Spanish Agencies

  • Photon Mangement in nanostructures for smart lightening and active switching, TEC2015-69916-C2-1-R (MINECO), (Coordinated Project. Coordinator IO); 01/01/2016-31/12/2018. Funding IO: 237.886,00 €. PI: Serna and J. Gonzalo (IO)
  • Femtosecond-laser Assisted Self-Organization Processes for Photonics: Ion Migration and Surface Wave Structuring. TEC2014-52642-C2-1-R (MINECO) (Coordinated Project. Coordinator IO); 01/01/2015-30/09/2018. Funding IO: 162.140 €. PI: Solís and J. Siegel (IO), Juan Vallés (Univ. Zaragoza)
  • Upgrading and extension of the NIR facilities for the measurement of thin film nanostructured systems at the Instituto de Optica (IO), CSIC13-4E-2228/MINECO, Funding IO: 137,42 €. PI: R. Serna. (01/01/2013- 31/12/2015)
  • Advanced multiscale architectures for light emission, TEC2012-38901-C02-01/MINECO; 01/01/2013-31/12/2015. Funding IO: 299 €. PI: R. Serna
  • Laser structuring of photonic materials using spatially and temporally shaped light sources, TEC2011-22422/MINECO; 01/ 01/2012-31/12/2014. Funding IO: 747 €. PI: J. Solís and J.Siegel
  • Multidimensional patterning of materials for biomedical applications and photonics, MAT2011-28345-C02-02/MINECO;01/01/2012-30/06/2014; Funding IO: 000 €. PI: C. N. Afonso
  • Development of a low cost femtosecond laser for industrial applications, IPT-2011-1121-020000/MINECO, INNPACTO sub-programme; 15/05/2011-14/05/2014. Funding: 709.098 €. Funding IO:70 k€. PI: C. Zaldo; PI CSIC-IO: J. Solis (5 research groups and one company)

Projects funded by EU Programs

  • Laser- induced Nanostructures as Biomimetic Model of Fluid Transport in the Integument of Animals (LiNaBioFluid); UE, H2020: FETOPEN 665337; 01/07/2015-30/06/2018; (6 research groups and 1 company). Funding IO:082 €. PI-IO: J. Siegel.
  • Functionalities of Bismuth-based nanostructures (BisNano), FP7-NMP-2010 EU-Mexico Grant Agreement no. 263878; 01/10/2010-30/09/2013; (6 res. groups and 1 company). Funding: 141.040 €. PI: Serna.

Other contracts

  • Contract with Saftra Photonics (Slovaquia) for the EU Project “Disruptive portable device for pre-screening of Persistent Organic Pollutants –POPs- in food products and water” (H2020, Project 766742). IP Gonzalo