Grupo de Procesado por Láser del Instituto de Óptica “Daza de Valdés”

Main objective of the work:

The pre-doctoral researcher will carry out research work on the production of micro and nano-structures with ultrashort laser pulses.
The goal is to produce functional structures for various applications.

The work program is part of the activities of the Laser Processing Group of the “Daza de Valdés” Institute of Optics – CSIC that are currently being developed within the framework of the projects: 

  • “Structuring of advanced materials using ultrafast lasers for applications in photonics, sensing and bioactuation” (PID2020-112770RB-C21). Project coordinated with the Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • “Ultrafast Laser Hyperdoping and Texturing of Silicon for Advanced Photovoltaic Materials” (TED2021-130894B-C22). Project coordinated with the Complutense University of Madrid.

Desired formation:

– Degree in Physics, Materials Science, Optics or Materials Engineering or equivalent
– Master in Physics, Materials Science or equivalent

Desired competencies:

– Skills and interest in experimental work with lasers.
– Previous knowledge about radiation-matter interaction.
– Previous experience in materials characterization (microscopy, spectroscopy, AFM, etc).
– Oral and written communication skills in Spanish and English.

Type of contract:

Full-time and with a minimum relationship of 12 months.

Expected start date:

September 1, 2023.

Estimated salary per year:

€25,530 gross/year in 14 payments

Information and contact:

Prof. Jan Siegel:
Dr. Mario García Lechuga:

Recent articles of the group related to the theme of the offer:

– R. Ariza, M Alvarez-Alegria, G Costas, L Tribaldo, AR Gonzalez-Elipe, J. Siegel, J. Solis “Multiscale ultrafast laser texturing of marble for reduced surface wetting” Applied Surface Science 577, 151850 (2022)
– Y. Fuentes-Edfuf, M. Garcia-Lechuga, J. Solis, and J. Siegel “Ultrafast Electron Dynamics and Optical Interference Tomography of Laser Excited Steel” Laser Photonics Rev. 2200511 (2022)
– M. Garcia-Lechuga, N. Casquero, A. Wang, D. Grojo, and J. Siegel “Deep Silicon Amorphization Induced by Femtosecond Laser Pulses up to the Mid-Infrared” Advanced Optical Materials 2100400 (2021)

Available equipment:

Femtosecond and nanosecond pulsed laser sources.
Nanostructuring systems by direct laser writing.
Nanostructuring system by writing interferential patterns by laser.
Excitation-sample type optical microscopy system with temporal resolution of 100 femtoseconds.
High resolution optical microscope.
Atomic force microscope (AFM). Spectroscopic ellipsometer.
Spectrophotometer. Visible and infrared photoluminescence system.

Rosalía Serna in the workshop