Grupo de Procesado por Láser del Instituto de Óptica “Daza de Valdés”


These are the scientific-technical services offered by the group.


Optical characterization of materials

The service offers different techniques for the optical characterization of materials, including various modalities of optical microscopy (transmission, reflection, fluorescence, interferential and phase contrast), spectrophotometry and specular and diffuse reflectance measurements, spectroscopic ellipsometry, luminescence measurements and determination of half-lives in the visible and near IR and characterization of waveguides in the visible and near IR as well.


Corsultory service on Optical Characterization

Spectrophotometry and Photoluminescence

Spectroscopy: Ellipsometry (multiple wavelengths)

Structure characterization: Optical microscopy

Waveguide Characterization



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Laser material processing

The service makes use of different types of continuous and pulsed lasers (up to the fs scale), over a wide range of wavelengths (IR-UV) for the processing of materials. The service includes different types of surface processing from laser annealing to surface ablation for micro-machining applications or thin film processing. In the case of ultra-short pulse laser sources, it is also possible to perform under-surface microstructuring of transparent materials by non-linear absorption. The service has the necessary equipment for the control of the beam and its focus in the working area by means of micro-positioning systems or galvanometric deflectors. It also has the necessary equipment for the production of samples in thin sheet by deposit with pulsed excimer laser.


Consultancy on Laser Processing of surfaces and materials

Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD)

Ultra-short pulse laser processing

Laser processing and analysis

On-site Optical Characterization Techniques



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